Linedance Portalen


Steps: 64             Vægge: 2             Niveau: Intermediate
Musik: Try Everything by Shakira (album: Try Everything (from Zootopia)) 131 bpm      Kunstner:
Koreograf: Dwight Meessen – Jan. 2016

Start after 32 counts on the word ’tonight’

S1: Cross Rock Recover, Side (x2), Cross, Unwind ½ L Sweep, Behind Side Cross
1-2&RF rock across, LF recover, RF step side
3-4&LF rock across, RF recover, LF step side
5-6RF cross over, RF ½ left on ball foot and sweep LF back
7&8LF cross behind, RF step side, LF cross over

S2: Rock Side Dipping Down Twice, Recover Dipping Down Twice, ¼ R Fwd, Pivot ½ R, Fwd
1-2RF rock side with body dip, RF body dip
option 1-2: look forward and right side, R hand above eyes
3-4LF recover with body dip, LF body dip
option 3-4: look forward and left side, L hand above eyes
5-8RF ¼ right step forward, LF step forward, R+L ½ turn right, LF step forward [3]

S3: Dorothy x2, Rock Fwd Recover, Ball, Back x2
1-2&RF step right forward, LF lock behind, RF step forward
3-4&LF step left forward, RF lock behind, LF step forward
5-6RF rock forward, LF recover
&7-8RF step back on ball foot, LF step back, RF step back [3]

S4: Coaster, Rock Fwd Recover, ½ R Fwd, Rock Fwd Recover, ¼ L Side
1&2LF step back, RF together, LF step forward
3-4RF rock forward, LF recover
5-8RF ½ right step forward, LF rock forward, RF recover, LF ¼ left step side [6]

S5: Cross Shuffle, Chassé, Rock Back Recover, Ball, Cross, Side
1&2RF cross over, LF step side, RF cross over
3&4LF step side, RF together, LF step side
5-6RF rock back, LF recover
&7-8RF step side on ball foot, LF cross over, RF step side [6]

S6: Sailor ¼ L, Cross, Side Rock Recover, Sync. Weave, Touch
1&2LF ¼ left cross behind, RF step beside, LF small step forward
3&4RF cross over, LF rock side, RF recover
5-7&8LF cross over, RF step side, LF cross behind, RF step side, LF touch beside [3]

S7: Chassé, Reverse Rocking Chair, Coaster
1&2LF step side, RF together, LF step side
3-6RF rock back, LF recover, RF rock forward, LF recover
7&8RF step back, LF together, RF step forward [3]

S8: Rock Fwd Recover, Shuffle ½ L, Pivot ½ L, ½ L Back, ¼ L Side
1-2LF rock forward, RF recover
3&4LF ¼ left step side, RF step beside, LF ¼ left step forward
5-6RF step forward, R+L ½ turn left
7-8RF ½ left step back, LF ¼ left step side [6]

Start again

Restart: Dance the 3rd wall up to and including count 32 (count 8 of the 4th section) and start again

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